I love the CDA atmosphere, the studio is like one big family. I have always felt welcome, and that I could be myself. The instructors are amazing, you develop such a close relationship with them that is unlike any other studio. This studio has become such a big part of me, it is my escape from my crazy hectic life. It is a place like any other!

-Abigail Green (Student)

My daughter has been dancing with CDA for the past three years and fallen in love with dance. She has grown both as a dancer and person as there is a lot more taught through CDA than dancing techniques. Dedication, discipline, kindness towards others, confidence, responsibility, and the importance of teamwork and acceptance are also what makes us glad to be part of the CDA family.        

-Carla Zimara (Parent)


Our daughter loves dance at CDA.  It is a very inclusive dance company that encourages creativity and growth in a dance environment without the highly competitive nature of many dance studios.  The skill and proficiency these girls learn often in one night of dance a week is truly incredible!

The girls work individually, but more often than not, as a team.  This ensures great camaraderie, which in turn provides an opportunity to try things that are new and different.  We love CDA!!!

-Julia Avery (Parent)

Christina’s Dance Company is a collaborative and fun dance program for all ages. The students and teachers have become family to me, whether it’s people who have been there for one year, or seven. Christina and Ileah are so supportive of students of all abilities, and they teach and demonstrate respect, positive attitudes along with some unbelievable dance moves! I’ve met best friends and been completely inspired by their love of the arts that is palpable in every lesson. There’s not a day I don’t leave with sweat on my forehead but a smile on my face.

-Rachel Fuller (Student)


What’s great about CDA is the ability for the studio to establish the perfect balance between competition, learning and fun. Unlike some other studios, dance students are not “driven into the ground”  with hours upon hours of rehearsals just for the sake of rehearsing.  I see time used extremely efficiently and as a result, the dance experience remains fun while keeping with a high standard for competitions.
Also, the instructors are smart enough to know that you can’t know everything about every kindof dance out there, so they are very wise to bring in experts to supplement the regular instruction.  That keeps things fresh and exposes dancers to new genres of dance without it being overbearing.
And of course, the instructors strike the the right tone in terms of preparing dancers for competition, but understanding that dance is put intothe context of the students very busy lives....

-Vince and Kathie Murray (Parents)