Where do I start? Christina’s Dance Arts has become my second family. Not only have I furthered my love for dance but also learned so much in so many ways that I will take into life. The competitions, showcases and exposures have all been highlights for me and some of my best memories come from CDA that I will cherish forever. I wouldn’t be who I am without dance and I have Christina and Ileah to thank because of it. Christina and Ileah have made me into the person that I am and I couldn’t be more unbelievably grateful. I love everyone will all my heart and I will miss you way beyond belief. 

-Lauryn Hill (Student)

We've watched our daughter blossom during her three years at CDA. In addition to encouraging creativity and expression through movement and dance, the CDA culture fosters a strong sense of community in a non-competitive environment. She has grown so much under Miss Christina and Miss Ileah's nurturing; once the shy youngest student being lead by the hand, we now see her growing confidently into a leadership role with some of her younger classmates. To us, that is is the most important aspect of becoming a dancer - to learn to lead with confidence and grace, and always as a member of a team. And of course, she has a lot of fun!!

-Christine Gallo (Parent)


Christina’s Dance Arts has been a place where my child has developed confidence in herself and her abilities as a dancer.

-Alison Bradley (Parent)

Through the 2 years we’ve been a part of the CDA family, our daughter has practiced and performed many different dances for both recreational and competitive purposes and has been to various workshops and educational performances, all while being

made to feel that she is a vital part to the CDA dance group.  From the first moment she started, Christina and the other dancers made her feel welcome and included. We feel that she has blossomed tremendously, not only in terms of her dance skills but also with her confidence and belief that “she CAN do it”!

Thanks for providing this amazing experience, Christina. 

-Lisa and Trevor (Parents)

CDA is a studio that is rare to come across. It's truly a special environment that is geared toward motivating students to work hard and have fun in the process. It's a studio that isn’t focused on winning and losing but rather on enjoying the experience while demanding a high standard from students. Throughout the years with CDA I have developed such close relationships not only with other dancers but also the instructors who have made me feel welcome from the beginning.  The studio not only expanded my passion for dance but by being a student I can honestly say they have taught me countless lessons about the importance of dedication, responsibility, kindness, acceptance, and teamwork. Being a part of this team has become a significant part of my life and has taught me real-life lessons, created irreplaceable memories and allowed me to grow not only as a dancer but a person.

Thank you CDA for shaping me into the person I have become. I can’t express my gratitude.

-Kinga Badura (Student)

What’s great about CDA is the ability for the studio to establish the perfect balance between competition, learning and fun. Unlike some other studios, dance students are not “driven into the ground”  with hours upon hours of rehearsals just for the sake of rehearsing.  I see time used extremely efficiently and as a result, the dance experience remains fun while keeping with a high standard for competitions.
Also, the instructors are smart enough to know that you can’t know everything about every kindof dance out there, so they are very wise to bring in experts to supplement the regular instruction.  That keeps things fresh and exposes dancers to new genres of dance without it being overbearing.
And of course, the instructors strike the the right tone in terms of preparing dancers for competition, but understanding that dance is put intothe context of the students very busy lives....

-Vince and Kathie Murray (Parents)